About DTM

Yangzhou DTM Company Ltd, located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, is specialized in designing, machining, assembling, tryout and stamping with providing services to automotive industries. The predecessor company was founded in the Guangdong area with more than 20 year’s experience in automotive designing and manufacturing field.

Tooling Center

The company now has a large number of high-level manufacturing equipments. Use UG, CAITA, AUTOCAD, AUTOFORM other advanced software to meet customer a variety of personalized product design. Now produces a material thickness of 0.05 to 15mm of various types of mold, high-strength material mold development of auto parts has a unique technology.

Competitive Advantage

The company is recognized by IS0 9001 international quality management as well as TS16949 standard certification system. DTM keeps a stable and rapid growth in the competitive marketing and the company has a more than 25% annual increase.

Human Resource

Now DTM is equipped with an efficient R&D team. To make good management of the team, DTM hired the management team which has years experience in foreign-funded enterprises. Now we have more than 100 employees, among them, 25 engineers has the professional experience

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